TempPro includes a roster of independent Sales and Marketing associates with diverse skill sets and experience levels aligned with our mission and values. The partners and /or our associates can be retained on a contract staffing basis either individually or as a team. You can keep key projects moving forward while you look for the right person to add to your team.

Middle to Senior Management Expertise

If you have a contract position in your middle to senior management team, then let Temp Pro provide an individual with proven expertise. Our team member will seamlessly blend with your team and get results.

Time Frames

A week, a month, a year we keep you on track!

Marketing and Sales Focus

The diverse background of our associates allows us to help you staff product and project management, communications including social media, brand management, advertising and senior sales positions. Contact us and we would be happy to review your staffing needs.

Competitive Fee Structure

TempPro offers competitive rates at all job levels. Give us a call and we can review what’s right for you.


TempPro provides services across southern Ontario and the GTA. If your business is in our service area, we are there to help.

Businesses we service

The expertise of our team can be utilized in any environment where good marketing management is required. This includes large and smaller businesses and government / non profit organizations.

Areas We Serve

Hiring TempPro staff full time

If you find the perfect fit with a TempPro associate, we make it easy and convenient for you to hire our associate full time.

Background and reference checks

All TempPro associates are thoroughly reviewed to ensure that your standards are met.


TempPro associates are covered by our policy to ensure you have no risk.

A week, a month, a year, we keep you on track!