This page will be updated often. Check back for new services.

TempPro Marketing Solutions Inc. has a preferred list of suppliers and partners who have demonstrated a track record to us of high performance standards at excellent value. There is no charge to the clients to access this feature.

Our first list includes:

  • Public Relations Agency – Based in Toronto this group has an excellent track record of delivering results. Great relations with key media influencers. Strong creative programs and dedicated follow-up. Talk to us today
  • Website design and management – Create great websites like ours with our designer who works closely with us as part of our team.
  • Sourcing Group – China. We have multiple manufacturing and sourcing experts based in both China and Hong Kong can find great suppliers and help them achieve outstanding quality.
  • Industrial Design – We have worked with many great designers who can handle anything from furniture to electrical products.
  • Technology and Engineering – Coming soon
  • Graphics and literature creation – Coming soon
A week, a month, a year, we keep you on track!