We have managed through the complete market cycles of many consumer products from electric fireplaces to breadmakers. New products are the life blood of a successful business and the challenges to a company’s new product development plan are usually centred on a few common themes such as product cost, maintenance of existing categories versus new markets, resource prioritization, integrating the voice of the customer (VOC), time to market and creating excitement at launch.

TempPro can assist you in all of these areas in a marketing consulting capacity.

 Innovation and Concept Validation

David and Jane have been in the new product development business for 30 years. David spent over 10 years advising the leading Asian home products supplier on global product and consumer trends.  Jane has a track record of handling the entire process from concept generation through to sales responsibility .We can draw on a host of qualitative and quantitative techniques combined with our experience to help you ensure your strategy is right for the marketplace.

Integration and Dialogue of the Voice of the Customer

We strongly believe successful product design solves consumer need gaps. Great technology is always a plus, but the ultimate test is does the product meet your user’s requirements? We can help you interpret your consumer feedback, online reviews, quality data and field reports to ensure the Voice of the Customer is integrated into your daily routine. Retail customer reviews and Facebook feedback have made this more important than ever.

Cutting Product Costs

We have each visited in excess of 100 factories around the world and can assist you deciding on the trade-offs needed from a marketing perspective to hit the magic price points on the product side .Currently we have Western and Hong Kong based contacts with resources on the ground in China.  Reducing the cost of business is also achieved through proper line planning and SKU management. We will recommend how to achieve the highest sales with the least inventory and model count.

Quicker Time to Market

We use a classic Gate system to do the work in the correct phase and establish a workable project plan with milestones based on customer requirements. We will help you make decisions in the right area of the process, early when necessary, but also minimize risk where additional study is required.  New product effectiveness is usually derailed from “scope creep” and distractions such as side projects. We can help you maintain your discipline while retaining maximum flexibility.

Channel Management

We know the top retail accounts in Canada well. In an era of retail concentration if you are not in the right stores, you cannot reach your target consumer. A distribution plan can have many subtleties and nuances. We are happy to advise, assist, evaluate or make calls on your behalf. As some famous retailers and brands have painfully discovered lately, Canada is a unique marketplace; we are able to help you develop the right strategy.

Branding and Advertising

Have you ever wondered why advertising doesn’t connect or resonate? All great marketing communications start with a brief that defines the target market, the objectives and current market situation. We can write a brief that your creative resources(or ours) can turn into sales-generating and provocative communication tools.  Advertising and promotion is only as effective as the starting plan.

A week, a month, a year, we keep you on track!