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The Age of Personal Branding

Me IncWe are in an exciting era of Marketing and more specifically the age of the personal brand. From the Summer of Trump to the millions spent to disparage the Justin brand to Kanye musing about taking his brand into the political arena, election periods magnify this trend. And hey Maple Leaf land, are we not excited about the Babcock brand coming to Toronto. The principles of branding can be applied everywhere.

Personal branding and the concept of Me Inc has developed over the years as corporate life has changed and businesses have become much more flexible in adapting their organization to changing requirements. Whether employees or not, we are in sense selling our service to our clients (employers). As a new Twitter user, it seems we are in the relative early days of social media. Self marketing is not optimally practiced, even by other marketing firms. Today’s marketplace puts a premium on trust and credibility. With so much choice, would you not award your business to people who have demonstrated their capabilities, proven they are easy to deal with and promise to stand behind their work.

How do you do take that step forward? Go online and build your business and personal brands:

Write your mission statement. What do you do? According to Rick Spence, a noted small business expert, most entrepreneurs can’t easily explain what they do in a simple understandable manner .Carve out your elevator speech which is your abbreviated pitch when you have the ear of someone for 1 or 2 minutes. Explain what you do, why people should deal with you and then you are well on your way.

Our mission statement is “TempPro Marketing will deliver outstanding Marketing and Sales results to customers in any time frame by assisting them in their short and medium term staffing needs”

But don’t just develop a corporate brand name .You are the product and accountable for its performance. As a person who is going to stand behind your work – tell everyone. Within your business is a big “Me Inc.”. What is the one word that you want people to describe you? For me its Integrity . Tracking down old colleagues after 30 years and hearing “you were always a stand-up guy” is the best thing you can say to me.

Our web site has a Who We Are tab where you can read each of our personal branding statements .Click on my photo and you will see words like strategy and analytics. Jane’s is heavier on the creative and people side. We both have a passion for marketing and innovation.

At TempPro, we can build or improve your online presence for a very reasonable price. We can handle the entire process including website design, photography, and copywriting. We can even provide hosting and ongoing content for your followers and clients. Build long term relationships with your client base so they always come to you for their “insert your product here” needs. It does not matter where you are in your own growth cycle from start-up to well established; a prudent course of action is always to “protect the house”. Your current audience will increasingly expect this type of interaction from you.

To learn more, just drop us a note or give us a call .We will be happy to share our plan to build your company and personal brand.

A week, a month, a year, we keep you on track!