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Introducing TempPro Marketing

David Lackey

David Lackey, Founding Partner

I am pleased to introduce a new consulting and interim staffing firm, based in Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto area, called TempPro Marketing Solutions Inc. (

Together, with my co-founding partner and recent colleague, Jane Laurie, TempPro Marketing Solutions Inc. is a dedicated group of proven, trustworthy Marketing and Sales professionals who will seamlessly blend with and augment your Senior to Middle Management team on an interim or project basis. We intend to offer a different kind of service: a Temp agency that will provide highly qualified Marketing personnel to cover short to medium duration absences or vacancies on a contract basis. We are also a project based consulting firm who can help you find success in the big box, independent and online marketplace. We bring the expertise of executive level marketers who are capable of stepping in to your organization to keep you on track or pursue opportunities that currently do not have resources assigned to them.

Our sphere is Marketing from the brand perspective. My specialty is product development and innovation in consumer products and I have been deeply involved in the changing technology of the home right up to the current Internet of Things trend. Jane has built successful programs with leading retailers across North America and is widely respected for her creative product and brand solutions. We also have recently managed successful public relations, app development, online marketing, sales promotion and branding campaigns together.

It is our belief that an effective team has a mix of skills, personality styles and experience levels. TempPro offers the “Pros” of utilizing experienced, proven managers in a defined time span without making a long term commitment. Our role will be to augment your team, fill in the short absences and help you tackle the difficult challenges facing your business. We can offer the benefit of quick integration and have the ability to facilitate teamwork. We are happy to share our experience, but also recognize that we are engaged for a brief period, so we “do” more and “debate” less. Finding the right senior Marketing personnel requires due diligence, so plant a TempPro associate in the chair and take the time needed to find the most suitable person who will be an asset to your company in the years ahead. And we will even stay in a support role for a few weeks and assist them to start their tenure with your company effectively.

Our vision is simple. High value work for a well defined short to medium time without any complication. Our values have been formed over years of working for leading brands in a variety of cultures from Canada, USA, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong. We have worked with Fortune 500 public companies and family businesses which have grown to billion dollar enterprises.

Learn more about TempPro Marketing and how to put us to work for you at our website. We would be happy to take a few minutes of your time to further explore how you can utilize us as part of your team, for a week, a month or a year. Contact Jane at (519) 939-3586 or David at (416)816-0660 or send us an email at to learn more.

A week, a month, a year, we keep you on track!